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A Little Flat Flounder, Fried
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A parody of Johnny Ray's "The Little White Cloud that Cried." Merry sings acapella about very flat food...
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words by Merry & Pippin
August 28, 2004
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Just clam-raking down by the river Kneeling by mudflat’s ebb-tide When with some sauce, I wanted to try A little flat flounder, fried Those flatfish be so very winsome ‘Cus both eyes stare out from just one side And cute it mimes - changing color’s enlightening Teflon and griddle hues right… I’ll add some rice and small slice of lemon Buttered buns will do just fine ‘speragus with hollandaise spread on And baked spuds mashed with thyme Just pass me dish of halibut, herbed Mussels, chard and Butter Bream pie And now it soaks in Bernaise so tender A little flat flound- -er grilled quite brown And fried