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Led The Jack
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A parody of the Everly Brothers' "Walk Right Back". Ever played cards with someone who weren't themselves playing with a full deck...?
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words by Merry & Pippin
August 28, 2004
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I want you to tell me why you led with the Queen Your stupidity was plain I want you to know that since you led with that Queen Something must have shorted in your brain Think about the trumps we had Within our hands to use That good strategy that we were gonna play, if you’d Led the Jack, we would have won it And we would be up a hundred I’m so cheesed off I can’t say You may just as well have called no trumps - led a three Tried to confuse them that way I want you to know the meaning of strategy Make them guess about which card you’ll play Think about the loads of fun Before I partnered you That ol’ God of cards, he should not let you play, poor me There’s no chance that we can win it Hand’s worthless, may as well bin it Told me you knew how to play Told me you knew how to play I’ve nothing nice left to say I’ve nothing nice left to say I’ve nothing nice left to say