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We women gotta hang out together. How? Join C.O.W.
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August 24, 2004
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Story behind the song
I don't know why but this shit just comes out of me.
C.O.W. I'm thinking of starting a club called Creative Older Women. C. O. W. Got it? Our slogan is: If you're already out to pasture and you want to be heard, be a COW. We'll have lots of activities: Our activists group - MAD COW The business people - CASH COW church ladies? - HOLY COW a men's auxilliary - COWBOYS support group for the fearful - COWARD just for party gals - PURPLE COW and for boaters - SCOW MOO to come. Speaking of creative older women - who is a Martha Stewart fan now that she's finally done something interesting? Martha is cool. I wrote to her to express support. In fact, I suggested she defect to Canada. Ask for asylum from persecution in her own country. In Canada we don't send people to jail for little stuff. Usually not for big stuff either. A guy up here killed his wife, chopped her up in several pieces, put her in the trunk and went to Mexico for three weeks. Nobody noticed, nobody checked his trunk at any of the borders. Post 9-11! I'm serious! Must not have looked like a terrorist. Anyway, he came home, turned himself in and claimed he had no memory of killing her. His defense: she was a bitch and he just - um - lost it. The verdict? not guilty by reason of she was a bitch. I dunno. Something like that. He didn't go to jail. Why is it when women get called animal names they are generally insulting. Bitch. Cow. Pussy. It's all so rude. Even a chick is lightweight and fuzzy headed unlike a cock which is --- don't go there.. Consider the difference. She's a bitch - he's a dog. She's a cow - he'll strong as a bull. She's catty - he's a cool cat. It's not fair. Some people think Martha Stewart is a titch overbearing and conceited. Like who does she think she is just because she built a multi-million dollar business from scratch and is good at absolutely everything? By contrast, I'm considered overbearing and conceited based on having accomplished absolutely nothing: Got no money. Can't thread a needle. To my family a bag of Big Macs means I went out of my way for supper. Gotta go. Thank you.