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Pukeweed Sings
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Pukeweed posted an sfz mapping of a sample of his voice and it just sounded so good I had to knock something up quick.
Rock - Rock General
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Peter L Jones
2004 Peter L Jones
August 21, 2004
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Story behind the song
We have Pukeweed on backing and lead, Ruffrider on percussion. The backing sequence runs through a send to a straight delay, JCM900 and a tempo-synced moogfilter, with the main signal through an echo delay and some reverb (delays and reverb from Kjaerhus Audio). The percussion is dirtied up with just a touch of JCM900. Yes, I am a JCM900 addict. The lead is unprocessed - part from slapping in some sfz chorus and reverb at the end, just for fun.
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