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Hippie bi***
Everybody says "wow, great message about the environment". WRONG. It's dissing environmentalists who are a pain in the butt. Not that they aren't right.
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Podcasts - Comedy
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August 22, 2004
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Story behind the song
What motivated me to write this song is that note of supreme satisfaction that creeps into my voice when I'm assuring complacent fools that they are fated to die in an icky pool of their own disgusting fluids because they are too dazed to recycle or vote Green. Not that it isn't true.
Hippie Bitch Whatcha gonna do when the world burns down? When the ocean's gone And the night's too long And the sun's too strong? I'll tell you Gonna sigh, gonna cry, gonna die. Gonna wish you'd listened to Suzuki Gonna wish you'd listened to me. When the bomb goes off Fall down go boom Too much breeding No more room Every which way Theres doom, doom, doom! Cows gonna getcha Chickens too No place to run For a fool like you. Oh, you're singing a terrible song Very little right and a whole lot wrong Pretty damn quick you'll change your tune. Can't happen too soon. P.S. I had to record this twice because otherwise it's too short (height prejedice? length matters?)