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Bad Luv
An instrumental interpretation of Bucks song "Loves gunna Live here Again." I went to Buck's site and asked permission to post this, but it sounds so far from the original it wouldn't matter. They said OK. I asked them if they would like a copy fo
Country - Country Swing
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GA Luke
August 18, 2004
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Story behind the song
This started as a backup lead track for a Buck Owens song. It didn't sound much like it until the vocals came in so no one really recognized what the heck I was playing! {As usual, but singers are like that} Later I added a few more licks that did sound more akin to the original song {Well, kinda}. I wrote to Bucks site and requested permission to put it on my page. I received an OK, so here it is. I also said they could use my instrumental for elevator music. {I think they declined } LOL I had to tell them what it was in case they didn't recognize it. I may even make it a little "more removed" later on. I wouldn't feel right putting it on a CD unless I did, unless I also obtained permission for that first.
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