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Nirvana Seed
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A sweet song with string arrangement
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
Previous peak charts position #104
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Nigel Quin
Nigel Quin 2004
February 26, 2007
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Nirvana Seed © Nigel Quin 2004 Verse 1 The first time I looked into your deep brown eyes I could see a dream of summer skies The key was off the hook You were waiting to be free One turn and you’re My Nirvana Seed Verse 2 The second time your eyes were brighter still As if falling pebbles had awakened a once still well New wings begin to show Old shackles recede Soon be time to fly My Nirvana Seed Bridge I know it seems quite absurd The sweetest sound I ever heard Was the voice of a caged bird Longing to be free Now many moons have come and gone Telling secrets where the sun once shone And of the day I heard the song You sang for me Verse 3 Now in your eyes I see what your soul reveals Reflections of my heart and everything it feels Your wings are fully-grown And you are here with me Forever My Nirvana Seed Your wings are fully-grown And you are here with me Together My Nirvana Seed