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The Legacy of Harlan Finch
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I set out to write a folk song about the Depression. This is what came out
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Warren Wagner
Warren J. Wagner 2003
August 11, 2004
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The Legacy of Harlan Finch Harlan Finch was as proud a man as man had ever seen And he took to pride like money holds on to its green He filled himself with loftiness and so loved looking down On anyone who fell within the shadow of his frown Yes Harlan Finch was oh so proud and pride would like a bell His fortune and his future and his failure soon foretell His line stretched to the great war that set our nation free And his ancestors were patriots who’d led our victory And after they had settled the wild and rugged lands They amassed amazing wealth through the toil of their hands And Harlan never tired of regailing all who came With his version of our history to the glory of his name But Harlan never went to war and never worked a day He never sweltered in the sun nor struggled for his pay He couldn’t know the hardship or the joy to overcome The sadness and the pain involved in every vict’ry won No Harlan had no dealings with loss of any kind And so it was a fatal blow in the crash of 29 Harlan read the ticker and saw his fortune fall And in the quiet of his room like a child began to bawl Remebering his haughty pride and how he had looked down On everyone and everything beneath his glowing crown He looked into the mirror made ill by what was there A face of poverty, a wretch, a deflated gaunt nightmare And Harlan being ill-equipped to fortify himself Went into the closet and pulled the pistol from it’s shelf He placed a single bullett into the cylinder Then placed the barrel cold and harsh against his temple there His body slumped into a heap no being heard his cry For all his pride and loftiness he was too afraid to die Sold apples on the sidewalk to anyone he could And tried to not remember when his life had been so good His name would not buy coffee his image would not sell So he came to rest on his laurels not in heaven but in hell
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