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Spoils of War
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An old song from back in the days due to be rewritten any time soon...
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Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #11
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
August 09, 2004
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Story behind the song
The song has an interesting structure with with 4 solo's in a row (ode to Slayer)
SPOILS OF WAR: welcome to my nightmare rotten to the core I will show you visions that you've never seen before let me be your tourguide into the unreal you'll be shocked by the horrors I reveal armageddon warfields burnt to ashes flesh children that are torn away from mothers they once caressed into bloody warfare soldiers' time has come in a black bag he will be sent back to where he came from aaaaaarrggggg! nooooooooooo! prove yourself out in the field ignore the damage you can't shield your last wounds they can't be healed on this unholy battlefield curse god you scream out as all Hell is breaking out soldiers die as they shout and you lift your head up proud raging through these fields of hate people try to assassinate you will have to dominate or they are gonna seal your fate bombshells impact all around firing as you hit the ground M-16 another round bodies drop with deafening sound last command you must obey throw yourself into the fray all their lives will end today devastate the human prey watch it to your grave no one will be saved there can only be pure insanity there is no end to your pride but you know that you are right you have to continue this fight and avoid getting into their sights darkness will prevail eternal damnation you have failed so pay the price now do you believe the goals you've tried to achieve you have been deceived death will be a relief
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