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Unpolished, unfinished. But it shows where I think I'm trying to go. Instrumental.
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #923
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Peter L Jones
2004 Peter L Jones
August 07, 2004
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Story behind the song
I'd been planning to use EZpoly in a "proper" track for some time (since I posted ElectronicaEZpoly, in fact). I'd had this project file with a few synths and stuff in sitting around since then. Today I decided to have a go at finishing it. Well, it's not finished. I want a middle section -- but I've not worked out what it should do. So I've posted this anyway, as just another step along my road... DrumKit: Michael Kingston's Ruffrider, my sfz format mapping, rgc:audio's sfz, with Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Reverb Bass: Ian Webster's Krakli Etiquet2 RithYum preset, with Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Flanger Synth: Ian Webster's Krakli EZpoly Isetope TC preset, with Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Flanger and Delay
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