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Turning Siamese
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A parody of the Vapors' "Turning Japanese." Don't all mongrel cats aspire to something higher? Enjoy Pippin's tongue-twisted gaff at the end of the second to last chorus...!
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words by Merry & Pippin
August 03, 2004
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I’m just a tabby - that’s nothing new It’s not exotic - on birds I chew I sit there purring when there's nothing left to mew Eyes yellow color and hair like down And many days I’ll just act the clown I tear the house up when there's no one else around I’m such a mixture - I’m such a mixture I got a million fleas all over myself That feline doctor gave me elixir And took my temperature in backside - oh hell! But still I’m yearning up and yearning down and yearning in and yearning 'round Oh turning Siamese I wish I'm turning Siamese - I really want to Turning Siamese Be an aristoCatic breed - I really want to Oh turning Siamese I’d have an ancient pedigree - I really want to Turning Siamese And speak café-au-lait-alese - I really want to I’m such a trickster - I’m such a trickster I dug the trilliums all up by the well They blamed the doggie - that misadventure And now that pooch he wants me to burn in hell! You see me playing up and crouching down and stalking you and slinking 'round Oh turning Siamese I wish I'm turning Siamese - I really want to Turning Siamese Oh such blue eyes would be a tease - I never blink - no! Call fire engines please For when I get stuck up in trees - won’t be extinct-o Fall from balconies And I flip one-eighty degrees to land on feet so! Got mice, cat nip, got yarn, got tuna Got tom for sin - oh life is always a lark Everyone I treat just like a total stranger Everyone must pet me or I’ll be a danger Everyone And now I’m fin’ly free of fleas Because you paid all the vet fees - I’m in the pink-o Never never tease Or right into your thumb with ease - my teeth will sink-o Turning Siamese I wouldn’t wanna be Burmese - or not a lynx - no Disobedient-y You think I’m cute as cute can be - got you hoodwinked so (cute kitty dancing music) Oh stroke my tummy please And then I’ll rub against you knees - I’m such I minx-o Playin' with your keys And rolling in your washed undies - I’m such a kinko Flexing claws with ease I scratch the couch into Swiss cheese - it’s just instinct-o (stinct-o) (stinct-o) Worship me on knees As the Egyptians did decree - I’ll be so Sphinx-o
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