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My Menstruental Friend
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A parody of Herman's Hermits' "My Sentimental Friend." A tribute to 'george with the red hair'...
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words by Merry & Pippin
February 03, 2007
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Story behind the song
A group of female friends back in the late 70s coined the term "George with the red hair" to describe their time of the month. That phrase has been lovingly incorporated into this parody...
Pelvic floor, above this curse abounds Seems to last forever Just leave me alone I do warn ya ‘Cus my rags, they are due You bloat me don’t you? So now it’s flowing along A menstruental song Of my menstruental friend, I despair He comes one month apart Takes a week just to depart It’s my menstruental friend, wanna share? So it’s no big surprise That Kotex I utilize A visit’s planned from “George with the red hair” Then in the dead of night Belly is cramping tight My menstruental friend doesn’t care Buy Midol and drink some Chamomile ‘Til I heard suggestions I was quite appalled When you told me You’d like a sex spree Right here now with me ‘Cus now it’s flowing along A menstruental song Oh my menstruental friend’s so unfair Need some douche - vinegar For this curse that’s vulvalar Oh my menstruental friend makes me swear Like a banshee’s my guise ‘Til my hormones harmonize Sometimes it creeps upon me unaware It is some kind of blight Never comes by invite My menstruental friend, I despair So now it’s flowing along A menstruental song How my menstruental friend, it does wear Mood’s been ir-regular I could go for jugular During visit from ol’ “Georgie Red Hair” Now this flow’s utilized Just to make me pregnantized Then for nine months I would at least be spared Fifty would expedite Menopause sure looks bright My menstruental friend would be rare Once more it’s flowing along A menstruental song There’s no menstruental end anywhere