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It's a Folding Chair
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A parody of America's "Sister Golden Hair." Revenge of the lawn (furniture).... Special thanks to Rick Duncan for providing the backing track.
Peak #99
Peak in subgenre #17
words by Merry & Pippin
August 01, 2004
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Story behind the song
This one was about 90% Pippin authored. (Merry added the "piddle" and "breed an heir" lines, the "slinky corkscrew" and "Willie-cide" as well as the first two lines of the song and a bit of one chorus).
Well I pried this shaky lawn chaise But I guess the hinges stressed And it’s left me kind of stunned, hey? ‘Cus it happened while undressed It was made down in Gibraltar Shoddy workmanship’s a crime Now this furniture attacks me all the time Sell it cheap, so cheap I bought two It’s a folding chair surprise And it’s rusty springs and loose screws Causin’ water in my eyes I’d complain in correspondence But I’ve got worse things on my mind Read and find out why - the pain’s sending me blind! Will you help me solve this riddle The spring’s caught my pubic hair My appendage may be little Not enough, though, to be spared Well I cry and shake it My thing’s decayin’ This truss - can’t break it! Well, I’m deep in slinky corkscrew Of a folding chair surprise And I cuss and swear aloud too ‘Cus it snapped shut ‘tween my thighs Now I am getting all despondent As I’ve seen ‘Boo-Boo’ misaligned Because fortune’s seen my frank and beans entwined It’s impossible to piddle Now too late to breed an heir Pride and Joy’s caught in the middle Of this satanistic chair Willie-cide it makes it, I should start prayin', It’s gonna break it… Bob bob bobbit a bob bob bobbit A bob bob bobbit a bob bob bobbit…
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