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The World Was Flat
Country - Americana
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John Lobello
November 16, 2022
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The World Was Flat Sometime I wish, that the world was flat I'd jump off the edge, that'd be that Fall through space, at the speed of light Holdin' my breath, on that wild ride All the hurt, all the hurt would be gone Travelin' back in time, through a black hole Back when, I was with you girl Me your everything, you my whole world I wish, that the world was flat I left you lonesome, too many moonlit nights Cruisin' down the highway, chasin' the neon lights A dreamer drunk on dreams Drunk on dreams, for you and me Sometime I wish, that the world was flat I'd jump off the edge, that'd be that Our eyes would meet, our hearts wouldn't be broke We'd be holdin hands, walkin' down that dusty road You'd be smilin' at me and I'd have you back If the world was flat Maybe if, the world was flat Copyright 2022 John Lobello email johnlobellomusic@gmail.com Phone 412-303-9778
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