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Choo Choo (K-Saulz & Mr Substance Diss)
Diss response to 'Get Over It!' by K-Saulz and Mr Substance. Available everywhere to stream.
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Monumental Records
August 25, 2022
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Story behind the song
K-Saulz and Mr Substance released "Get Over It!" - this is the response.
[Intro: K-Saulz & his wife] You know what you gotta do, you can do it! Who are you talking to? Talking to myself, you know, I'm giving myself.. Please tell me you're not doing it as the asshole? Err [Intro: Krafty] I feel sorry for your wife man In fact, I feel sorry for both your wives [Verse: Krafty] This one chick said she’d suck my dick if I dissed her husband So fuck you, Mr Substance! You’ve been waiting for this comeuppance Saulz, I can’t believe you dissed me on such shit production Took 4 of you to put that track out - dedication Sounds like you’re on some weird substance or medication I took a year off, didn’t realise you’d get impatient Think I’m slow? Your train of thought ain’t even left the station Get over it? Hmm something is wrong ‘cause that was New Years - took you 8 months to respond Am I really out here dissing a cunt and a mong? Some punk in a thong? Who can’t write one single song? If a skit hurt, what you think a track'll do? When I smack you black and blue with a fucking fact or two? Go ahead, yeah, lay me to rest Kinda easy when I’m already chillin - say it with your chest And please for fucksake, mate, wait a sec Stop stretching your bars all the time, come on, take a breath! Sorry mate its Just that’s some mighty tall talk for Warwick Davis Talk about switching the narrative, it’s embarrassing That intro was a stack of fibs and here’s the fact of it You ain’t able, you’re a flop And you didn’t leave the label, you were dropped! Below average, what did you do? Gather first, practice words While your yes men said “ooo! Savage verse!” Asswipes, no wonder you’re glass eyed ‘cause you pupils can’t even see that you clearly haven’t learned! My eyebrow? You like this here? Shit, cheers It’s a souvenir from when your wife got her clit pierced You said its from the nose of a cow So funny ‘cause that’s something that you’d know all about Like your last video, aww, how cute A chubby little fucker on the floor in a cow suit Well I guess it’s time to even the score A midget dressed as a cow - the beef’ll be short Don’t mean to leave you exposed I walked past you and my knee almost broke your teeth and your nose Ali’s a beat maker, he’s weak and you know He ain’t a producer, the twat can’t even compose Kinda weird that you’d write a diss about my pics like a dick That ain't me pouting, that’s me blowing Ali’s wife a kiss You’re a couple of right pricks with the wrong aim That song’s lame, Mr Substance, wow, what a strong name! Ali, all you keep doing is sampling jazz This ain’t the 90’s dickhead, why can’t you adapt? Did you say you’d write a second song? Gees no, please don’t We don’t want it, we’re alright, yeah, you can keep those It’s not that I’m scared or afraid or none of that stuff It’s just Kam, Ali, lads, one was enough Wow I knew that your pals lied too but how nice dude Your best song has me on the hook and Mic B outshined you I know I just bit the bait but I’m hooked, they’re hating, it’s good They think I can’t take him but I blatantly could Said I’m the rapist, but you’re the type to wait in the bush I rap about sex, you act like you hate to get puss Course I don’t wanna be making peace You’re taking the piss, you’re just fake to me When I said “mate, just leave” You said “how about I stay on the label and YOU can make my beats?” Said you were persuaded to get on the track bro That shows you can’t think for yourself, you lack a backbone Wait... Did you record that bullshit at home? While your poor family were tryna sleep? Ha! Jokes! Least you moved out of that tiny flat though With your neighbour leaving a stack of notes about your wack flow “Please can you keep it down? Some of us are tryna sleep and those beats are loud! Sounds like Miles Davis but a much cheaper sound Give it up, you’ve missed your train, so please, leave it out!” You’s a liar, fact, why attack? It was some light fun, humour is where I was at B
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