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Tick Tock
Alternative spoken word piece about the state of society; with Kelly Silliman on vocals
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2022
August 23, 2022
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Story behind the song
The clock is ticking
The clock is ticking, The water is rising; Madison Ave is advertising Fossil fuel gets subsidizing, NATO army terrorizing, At the border sterilizing; Nothing here at all surprising Bolivia has indium and lithium and Venezuela gold & oil Congo has the minerals and US corporate criminals Destroy the people and their home to get each one of you a phone Another country overthrown!!! Gorillas, giraffes, rhino, birds Orangutans and elephant herds Turtle and tortoise, shark and porpoise Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Tuna Penguin, Dolphin, Panda, Luna Coral reefs in the seas; chimpanzees and all the trees; Butterflies and all the bees; Anything with distinction on its way to extinction Arctic melting to the sea; Heavy metals in your pee!!!! OHHHHHHH Another pipeline with a leak; fish are floating in the creek Giuliani’s hair is drippin; PFAS in your water sippin Musk and Bezos lost in space; Gates has lost the human race Bidens in Ukraine corruption; Fauci doing gain of function Mixin up a bio-weapon On the truth is always steppin Telling truth is a crime; Not OK to drop a dime; If you do, you’re doin time. Nuland talking on the line; With the Nazis to align; US coup is by design; NATO there to undermine Rachel is ranting Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia; Hear her chanting Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia; Sanctions are an act of war To use against competitor; For people quite inferior; Human rights to ignore Sanctions against Syria and Nicaragua, Libya Venezuela, Laos, Tunisia Russia, Belarus, Crimea Cyprus, Mauritania; Palestine, Somalia Sanctions-Sanctions-Sanctions-Sanctions Bosnia HerzegovinaKyrgyzstan, Iraq, Iran; Rwanda, South Sudan, Lebanon, Afghanistan Montenegro and Sudan; Serbia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia Eritrea Sanctions-Sanctions-Sanctions-Sanctions!!!!!! Cuba, Yemen, Burundi; Comoros, China, Guinea North Korea, Haiti Moldova, Congo, Mali Myanmar, CARGuinea Bissau, HOLY COW!!! ALL THOSE SANCTIONS Republicans & democratsies sending weapons to the Nazis your money doing rat-a-tatsies Billions for aristocratsies In the streets is an uprising, Racial justice organizing, For survival vocalizing, But police mi li tar i zing Locking down in isolation need to have verification, passport finding your location Pharma doing calculation; counting billionairization Masses get re-education; Psychosis for a mass formation Government nu cle ar i zing Rapturists evangelizing, For the planet eulogizing CO2 is ever rising, 421, 422; Tell me what you’re gonna do, 423, 424; 425, 426; 27; 28 Tell me when it is too late
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