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Russian Asset
Satire of the designation of Russian Asset to anyone expressing a truth that is contrary to the government narrative; with Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2022
August 23, 2022
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Story behind the song
When Hillary called Dr. Jill Stein a Russian Asset, I was upset that HRC didn’t accuse me, as well
I wanna be a Russian asset; I wanna be on that list I have the resume, curriculum vitae; How could I be missed I want an end to NATO; an end to war; I watch The Grey Zone and Jimmy Dore I wanna be a Russian Asset; I wanna be on that list And ya know Jill Stein is a friend of mine; she is very artistic She works for peace and the environment; her vision futuristic Her drums, my guitar would improvise; O how our voices would harmonize That sure sounds like a couple of spies; Russian Assets before your eyes; I wanna be on that list. Hillary called Tulsi a traitor Said we should investigate her What’s Tulsi got that I ain’t got Has she been hugged by Ralph Nader I want free education; no more student debt; a living wage, everyone get A single payer safety net, Am I an Asset yet? Hedges, Russell and Greenwald; Abby and Eva; Caitlan, Taibe too All of them critical thinkers, bringing the truth to you Francis Boyle, the human rights, bio weapons treaty guy All of them censored for refuting the lie; If they’re all Assets, then why not I I wanna be on that list. I don’t like Pentagon patsies, Ukranian Nazis; I wanna be on that list The truth is hard to hear when you’re living in fear; I wanna be on that list We’re all American commissars, we’re all wannabe Russian czars; I support free speakin and medical freedom I have all the credentials; so many potentials; I have the resume, curriculum vitae I wanna be a Russian asset. I gotta be on that list.
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