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Voices For God's Choir
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I wrote this song on March 7, 1963, a few days after the plane crash that took the lives of Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. Hope you enjoy.
Country - Christian Country
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Morris P Rainville
1963 Morris P Rainville
August 03, 2022
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VOICES FOR GOD'S CHOIR Morris P Rainville - March 7, 1963 There were three country singers, on their way back to Nashville After doing, a show, to help a friend Flying back, from Kansas city, they stopped in, at Dyersburg They refueled, their plane, and left again. Many friends, were there waiting, the return, of the singers Getting anxious, 'cause the plane, was hours late, After many, more hours, the bad news, came in The plane, would not return, to the gate. Music break.... Eleven yards, of personality, the great, Hawkshaw Hawkins And everybody's favorite, Patsy Cline Cowboy Copas, a favorite, at the Grand Ole Opry Were now, up in God's Heaven, Divine. As I'm telling this story, my heart is deeply saddened 'Cause the radio, brought more bad news From Johnnie & Jack, Jack Anglin, en route, to the funeral In a car crash, his life, he did lose. Dear Jesus, needed voices, for God's Choir, up in Heaven So he called, these country stars, with Him up there. 1963
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