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The Marriage of Julian Assange
A poetry adaptation of “The Marriage Of Julian Assange” by Chris Hedges, The Chris Hedges Report, March 24, 2022
HipHop - Spoken Word
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2022
July 04, 2022
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Story behind the song
Chris Hedges was invited to Julian Assange’s marriage at Belmarsh prison in the UK, but he and Craig Murray, author, journalist, human rights campaigner and ex British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, were not allowed inside. Chris wrote "The Marriage Of Julian Assange" that, after reading, I contacted him telling him that I wanted to turn it into a performance piece. He said "Far out!" Well, actually, what he said was, "Certainly, yes." It started out in the 3rd person, but turned into Chris’ voice when I got to the part about him and Craig being prohibited entry.
Here comes the bride And at her side, The most feared groom In a small, side room Inside Belmarsh prison No chapel for the two; A Belmarsh gift for you. No photographers allowed; Would be a security risk If the outlier crowd Could see Stella’s flowing ice lilac A-line bridal gown And no admission to guests out-of-town Would endanger the prison security To have the likes of Craig Murray and me So denied were we Entry by prison authority Westwood and Kronthaler designed and donated A corset with plastic stays, created So Stella could pass with no delays, facilitated Through four metal detectors Under threatening eyes of prison inspectors A culture of cruelty on this happiest of days, But Belmarsh has so many ways To remind you that yours is the greatest crime; Speak truth to power; and you’re doin’ time. There was no reception. There was no cake, But a kiss; AHA kiss, And a truth & love that can shake The pillars of this oligarch’s sadist institution “A sloppy one,” said their son, Gabriel. No doubt a security risk When a lip finds out a lip And a heart finds out a heart. “An act of defiance,” said Stella. You can see how they fear it. They don’t want to read it And they don’t want to hear it. They were given a hour in the crowded visitors hall And then prisoner A 9379AY, In purple and beige kilt, purple tie And waistcoat, Was escorted back to his cell To the applause of the other prisoners Lining his tier.
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