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Days Of Imogen Rose
New song from forthcoming album "The Big Idea" uploaded to enter Muse songwriters July 22 comp
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #6
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
Steve Ison
Steve Ison
July 03, 2022
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I remember the days of Imogen Soft haloed aching blue eyes & in her light i strained for melody She was the queen of my skies I spent all my days with Imogen running round my fearful heart She was alive to all that energy Thought it was best we should part Heard her at play with some cat in the bag, moaning and-a-wailing then smoking a Jack Tracks on her back next morning were plain to see I cried like a babe as he gave her his all He was just a player as i can recall but strong as a man in a way i could never be Far away from the days of Imogen How quickly the years depart & i won't taint the sweet with bitterness for someone who opened my heart