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Sunday Morning People
Track from my forthcoming new album " The Big Idea" uploaded to enter May 22 Musesongwriters contest
Alternative - Alternative General
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Steve Ison
Steve Ison
May 03, 2022
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Sunday morning people here gathering in market time Through the lots of memories mimicking the hearts design Over by the Rainbow Wholefood Stand see a pair of eyes that haunt you I don't need no valentine, i just need a love that shows but what do i know ? Chewing over last nights drunk goodbye Wonder if the guy will phone you ? Broken hearts in summertime wallow in the market flow Sunday morning people here dread another early train Back to work tommorow now, gotta do it all again Picturing Alisha's roman thighs Happy that your wife don't know you Buy her an old effige just to show you love her so & away you go...... If she phones you when you're on your back Tell her that your flight has gone "Babe i love you & I'll soon be back Dream i'm in your arms tonight "