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Black Holes
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HipHop - Old School
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January 14, 2022
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Cruising around with the windows down that country road that night sky that Jupiter that full moon flowers in the tent got full bloom that lester wayne on the radio smoking good laying low got to get up on my telescope put the 14 up in my eye piece stars shining bright slight breeze them galaxies and them constellations I'm floating up in my spaceship yeah me and space got good relation I breathe it in blow it out like planet 9 that kush cloud I gravitate like black holes because once you go I'm in the woods with my flashlight my optical says star bright camping out in the Appalachians milky way my observation up in heaven got a reservation I smoke for that frustration the media got me irritated blood pressure be elevated thinking back I'm glad I made it was too young when I got over faded too much ice I was slipping was all because I didn't give a, felt no love and I left my fam trying to understand just who I am now it's clear and plain to see exactly what's my destiny Flow constant like Edwin Hubble that solar system binary double on Tatooine and I'm sky walking roller blades and I'm blade running at the range, and I've been gunning on the lake and I'm kayaking besides fishing I stay rapping climb the tree and I'm hog hunting clean the kill and I cook it up thank the lord he gives enough I stopped trying to do too much all at once take my time and roll it up going to work real hard never folding up those supernovas keep blowing up those black holes keep on big banging the point of time at the event horizon Its radius is retrograding that vortex that be radiating swirling in a whirlwind bending space it's amazing time dilation the pillar of life to all creation that nebula Gargantua stars being born in a nursery them asteroids and meteors abundant throughout the universe the chicken or the egg which came first I don't even know that stuff works smoking too much like life's a blur point in time when it all emerged put a wingspan to your lifespan flying throughout this eternity man it's that dark energy
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