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Where's My Lover ?
Song uploaded to enter Jan 22 1+1 comp at musesongwriters.com
Alternative - Alternative General
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Steve Ison
Steve Ison
January 09, 2022
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The searchlight shone from the comedian upon my face The crowd were howling at "the ancient ghost who haunts this place" Where's my lover, where's she gone ? Ran off with the evening sun Far away to free someone & the beat goes on I slid away unto a red-light bar to find my shine An old ghost slurring in a strangers space, so out of time I go right to your house & try to open the door Will you see me that way like you did once before ? Or have you left me alone for someone new babe ? Did you ever believe that i was true babe ? I can only be free when i'm with you babe wo-a-wo-oh