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Sometimes thoughts are surreal and thinking on that this song emerged. An expression of...?
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Douglas Murphy
January 05, 2022
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Story behind the song
Prompted during the get-together of like minded singer/songwriters @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/songwritersfhaa.private [check us out and join us Tuesday nights] This is what I came up with using Band In A Box and my imagination.
Surreal [2022/01/05] [A] Floating, falling, running, crawling. Feet solid on the ground. [B] Laughing, crying, living, dying. The empty, silence of sound. Trusting, spying, truthful, lying. Smiles hidden by frowns. Break: [A] Peaceful, brawling, lazy, hauling. Lost one's self, then found. Stable, sliding, existing, hiding. Familiar and yet eerie sounds. [B] Earnest, joking, clear skies, choking. Feelings drove underground. Faithful, cheating, everything repeating. That's my life homeward bound. Break: [B] Neurons firing, dreams hot-wiring. Creating a landscape in my mind. Waking, shaking, a prison of my own making. Trying to break those chains that bind. Copyright 2022 by Douglas Murphy www.soundclick.com/dougmurphy doug_murphy6@sympatico.ca