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Forgive Yourself
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Downbeat electronic retro-inspired pop in the vein of The Weeknd or The Killers
Electronic - Synth-Pop
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Capers Simmons (ASCAP)
September 6, 2021
September 06, 2021
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Forgive Yourself Lyrics and Music: Capers Simmons (ASCAP) CHORUS For your own sake I hope that you forget me Someday, years from now. And if you cant forget me, Please forgive yourself. Dont say that youre sorry, I know it all too well. You never meant to hurt me. So please forgive yourself. Please forgive yourself (2x) VERSE I This isnt your fault We both can be wrong And maybe it could only end like this But if I know you Youll take the blame, too. And baby theres enough to share with PREHCORUS Me, you, we came to a crossroads Midnight fell, made a deal with the devil Win the whole world if lose yourself. Feet got cold as hell froze over, Souls got sold as we got older. You let go, I couldnt hold you close CHORUS VERSE II This wasnt my fault, But maybe Im wrong, And maybe this bed was made for one. But if you know me, Know Ill be OK, So let me take the shame to shoulder on PRECHORUS CHORUS
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