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Please Come To My Party
You will have fun when you party with Dr Jack! Featurs great guitar work by Darren Lock - check out his music at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/darrenlock.htm
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Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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Mr. Roboto
Dirty Old Squalor Productions
June 03, 2005
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Story behind the song
This is the music that Dr. Jack sings at the door of his home in ACT4 [Scene: 1. as he invites his guests in. They include his fiance, Kirstin Odily's, four beautiful friends, GIFT DICKSON, VICTORIA ANDREW, ESTHER KHALIFA, VIVIAN KHALIFA [Esther and Vivian are sisters], and other people including many young businessman are there.
Please come to my party, It will be so fun. We'll pin the tail on the donkey, Therel be a prize for everyone. There will be a clown show, and he won't make you cry. He'll make balloon animals, You can hit him with a pie. So come around, and party down, Come around, And party down.
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