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Elon's Gone To Mars
Elon Musk wants to fly to Mars
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2021
July 30, 2021
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Story behind the song
Elon wants to go to Mars with his Space X program and colonize space.
Elon Musk is goin to Mars To get some lithium for cars Just another cake to bake; He packed a lunch that he could take Elon wants to take control of the universal whole He wants some better candy bars so Elons gone to Mars The Mars society says theres profitability From gold and maybe a little oil if theres dinosaurs in their soil They say the rotten earth is dyin, and Mars is good for tryin Take along his bong cigars, Elons gone to Mars Detonate 10,000 nuclear bombs on a 1000 starships with no qualms Terraform with CO2, turn the red planet green & blue, drill & spill like Kalamazoo with his Space X ingenue Elon, Elon off hes gone to drop the bomb. Elon says hell do a coup anywhere he wants to do Like he did in Bolivia; now hes extraplanetaria. Intergalactic operations for colonial corporations I know it is a bit bizarre, Elons gone to mars. Detonate 10,000 nuclear bombs on a 1000 starships with no qualms Not to worry bout radiation when theres billionarization Just wants to heat up outer space so he can go and own the place Elon wants to claim a place; own his place in outer space Hes packin now to catch his flight, Takin the red eye over night Jeff Bezos goin, too For a low wage rendezvous Planning military bases for those Martian marketplaces Playing sci-fi in the stars Elons gone to Mars What planet is Elon on? Hes already there before hes gone 6th extinctions at our address; hes leaving Earthlings in distress Planet is sending an SOS, He couldve helped clean up the mess Planning billionaire bazaars Elons gone to Mars Maybe you can come along, what could possibly go wrong Playing sci-fi in the stars Elons gone to Mars
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