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If You Only Clean One Room It Will Stand Out From
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Released on online EP Person Of Interest!, June 2021. Full EP on Bandcamp: https://dannyramirez.bandcamp.com/
Metal - Alternative Metal
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Danny Ramirez
July 07, 2021
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Story behind the song
November 2019 while watching a documentary about or reading about criminal investigations I got inspired and subsequently wrote down a song idea that when you kill someone inside your house with a lot of blood as a result you have to clean all the other rooms as well, for if you only mop, scrub and vacuum the scene of the murder this one room will stand out because of its cleanliness compared to the others. On the final day of 2019 I wrote a mid tempo song about this much overlooked fact. For the music for the verses I used a chord pattern that had been laying around since February 2019, while the music for the chorus got written on the spot.
When you murder your spouse In a room at your house Bloodily breaking your marriage vows Then make sure not to clean Only the murder scene Evry cop here will know what I mean Chorus: Cause if you only clean one room It will stand out from the rest Leaving room to assume What otherwise would be a wild guess Life may continue just fine If you take your time And clean up the entire house of the crime Then you can safely put forth A missing persons report As long as no one can prove you know more Chorus: But if you only clean one room It will stand out from the rest Leaving room to assume Youre not completely honest at best
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