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Deviez Ft Djivon - Do or you Dont
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This me in my brother Djivon Moore, he edited mixed and mastered the song himself, he's on the chorus and second verse!
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Deion Minter and Djivon Moore
May 30, 2021
MP3 6.7 MB, 320 kbps, 2:56
WAV 29.7 MB
relaxed, cool
dark, sad, angry
course Do or you dont No maybe so Either or You Dont know maybe so 3* Deviez verse 1 Bam I’m back the bedrock so give me that bat to make they head knock thought a good life live the hardknocks came from the bottom half way to the top do what I can when I want to who gone stop me not you dang fools I’m too smart graduated school and I know how to do and use them tools said you gone get me then do it dude need, need no guns my hands are rude turn, turn your teeth straight into food not from earth born on the moon guess thats why I got attitude so we’ll neva get along boo even if we do here, here goes the truth! She suck my seamen turn her kid to a demon she used to love my devilish ways back in the day when we did our thang Illuminati now sow im letting it bang fuck what you say im about to go insain sitting in class she give me brain Bitch im the bomb like tick, tock, bang used to fuck her but the pussy was lame (used to fuck her but the pussy was lame bang) used to fuck her but the pussy was lame course 4* Do or you dont, no maybe so either you do or you dont know maybe so Andy Verse 2 I, I made another rhyme cause im kinda good at it you made another line cause you got people laughing do it fo Djivon no more team do it for Djivon, girl its only me Chech on his on own shit Nito do his own shit im still posted, mixing up potions making this juice cause i got the juice never hold back thats not what I do live for today prepare for tomorrow 2pac is considered old school 20 years later eyes on you then one day other rappers look up too one day I’ll be a legend like Pac as of right now butt fuck all of you one man band, no old friends gotta fit in with the new kids cause the old friends never did shit one step forward gotta put work in got a church girl in my dorm twerking devilish chick keep my heart pumping rap this dick like a Christmas gift and pull my shit play back listen pass me the rock, no Chris Rock microphone check but she spitting on my cock hitta from the blunt, then I hitta from the? Do or you dont, no maybe so either you do or you dont know maybe so 2x if you need to get it done we just do it Do or you dont no maybe so
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