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Upbeat alt rock n roll / Blues / R&B, regarding the urban jungle, featuring a catchy dual lead guitar hook, sax solos and non-traditional chordal progressions. Ignorance of the law of the jungle is no excuse :)
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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Frederick Serafim
Frederick Serafim
July 31, 2022
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Story behind the song
I never embraced the lore of the urban jungle but it exists in different forms within all social stratas, and it demands at least some wariness, in order to avoid hardship or destitution. At the dangerous low end it can be life threatening. In the 3 rd verse I recall hiding a drug addicted bass player from his crack dealer, in my apartment for a month. The dealer killed one other guy who owed him money around this time, and so I knew the perils but took the chance anyway. It would have taken Sherlock Holmes to find him at my place. The cops arrested the dealer and my acquaintance straightened himself out, so I guess it was worthwhile, even if not wise. The 2nd verse recalls my first encounter with mass homelessness. I think they were waiting for the soup kitchen to open. It's pretty common now, but not so much back then. I think the complexity of the rules of the urban jungle arise from the hypocritical double standards often applied.
JUNGLETOWN Who might you love in Jungletown? Who can you trust when you're goin' down? Who are the ones that make you frown? Why's there contagion all around? So whats the truth when a lie will do? Are they putting something over on you? Is it time to get a lawyer and sue? In this jungle of a wide open zoo Only one way to keep your cool Just remember those complex rules Of Jungletown I'm on a subway riding down the line It's kinda dingy but I'm feeling fine Then at my stop I get off the train There's homeless people out in the rain Some are sleeping and others deranged I feel so bad I throw em some change Then a guy walks over to me and says "Hey buddy life isn't free" Only one way to keep your cool Just remember those complex rules Of Jungletown, Yeah, Jungletown Now, there's a guy hiding out at my pad He owes money and he's hooked real bad His dealer 's goin stark raving mad When he's dead we'll all be glad Only one way to keep your cool Just remember those complex rules Of Jungletown
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