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New Age Talking
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New song uploaded for musesmuse 1+1 Feb 21 song comp
Alternative - Alternative General
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Steve Ison
Steve Ison
February 16, 2021
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Felt the spectre of a lover so you turned into a ghost writer Tell us all to come together but you'll always be an outsider Say you've just got to believe & you can make it but it's new age talking Set your heart on any dream & you can take it because it's new age talking now Free your mind of any pain & light the wonder of the world from you Cast your enemies away upon the ocean of the love inside you Don't even know if you'll remember my name Lost in the flow of a sky higher plane Tell me you're going but you'll always remain Do you remember ? Saying there's only light & everything's good That we're evolving the way that we should We grow from the lives of the misunderstood Do you remember ?