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Seeing in the Dark
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Pop - Pop Rock
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Capers Simmons
June 2020
January 27, 2021
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Story behind the song
Inspired by my beloved, my beautiful, my friend, my forever, and my fiancée: Celina.
Seeing in the Dark Capers Simmons VERSE I Feel the empty earth spinning in its place Running round the sun and falling out of grace This life is a roller coaster Were all too small to ride, But no ones told the operator, And no ones getting off this thing alive. PRECHORUS Turn the mountains upside down and roll the heavens out to sea. Learn the words, then turn them round and hold on to them desperately. CHORUS Close your eyes till our sun rises. Heavy light is falling underneath the world. Hold my hand, Ill guide you and well start Seeing in the dark. VERSE II Hold my empty hand; it fits you like a glove. Run around my heart and fall into my love. This love is a story, only this is not pretend. So, if its real, lets go for glory, And only hope the story never ends. PRECHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE Stumbling around till our eyes adjust, Shambling our feet cross the floor. Its all that we wanted and more than we bargained for. Crumbling down cause were made of dust, Sand in the hourglass falls. No night lasts forever, but some nights are better, Im sure CHORUS CHORUS II Dont let go until were glowing. Times not slowing down for anyone but us. Sunsets here, but we dont care. We are Seeing in the dark, So Ill see you in the dark.
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