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Creature So Vile
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Trump? Throw him out and lock him up!!
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Roy Holmberg
January 13, 2021
MP3 8.9 MB, 192 kbps, 6:27
Story behind the song
Straight out of the headlines.
Rudest man in politics Bullied onto the scene Somehow conned America In year 2016 Ambitions of dictatorship Autocracy and control He hid from his constituents As he played the patriot role His accusations of corruption Of others and fake news A dark time from the past Something Adolf would use (CHORUS) Little man behind the curtain Living in a ruse Say hello to Karma Hello to the golden rule Narcissist in disguise Taking laws into grubby hands Spreading hate and bigotry Across this placid land Calamity and travesty One egocentric family Tried to take down this democracy Through lies deceit and trickery (CHORUS) Sceptics soon to notice The rants of the profiteer An agenda of his own Followers stand and cheer Incompetence exposed To a country so besieged By a virus quick and deadly This president could not lead A chauffeur and a limo His daddy would provide When he picked on kids in grade school But now he cannot hide (CHORUS) Now he refuses to admit That he has lost the vote Oh how he so resembles The emperor with no clothes Theres murder by collusion It is no illusion Inciting minions to break the law And invade the hallowed hall Threaten the democracy What does he expect Charges of murder and treason Must be nothing less (CHORUS) Justice must prevail For all the instigators too As it absolutely would If it were me and you Riots were incited People even died Articles of impeachment And Amendment 25 Take down his banners and flags Admit that you were wrong Hes not going to help you His sorry ass will soon be gone (Chorus) Does prison, death or exile Remove the stains Of a creature so vile
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