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Texico Nights 8. Write A Crypto Future
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January 09, 2021
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A Crypto Future Reminders of a recent past. The one you forgot and still can't recall. Like the story was never told. Or never happened. Write a crypto future. Governments will struggle to keep control. Centralization, diminished. No paper pushing. No middle squeeze. Confusing and wild. Like other changes within and without. The open roads are there. Take a thoughtful approach. Enjoy the day. Time is the thing. Its allocation, its use, its opportunity. Fall in or decide for yourself. Arrangements and accommodations. Compromises and agreements. The sensible way. To boredom. And fear. You are the user of your time. Every second, minute, and hour. Every day, night, week, and month. Then, years go by. And you are not dead. Positively 4th street honey. Bobby's truth. Shout a tune of rebellion and evolution. They are deserving of nothing. Open your mind and force it to experience. Then, close it to create. Pure art. The Block Age The block age. Chained to the past no longer. The speculators are raking. Seven thousand percent return. With some luck and calm. Trust is irrelevant. These transactions are instantaneous. A constant state of things. No updates required. The reconciliations. Back office nonsense. Modern day pushing paper. The roll back and the buy-in. Middle people get eliminated. Cut-taking on top of cut-taking. This is main line. Applicable. All states are transparent at all times. The utility of it all. Nakamoto, Szabo, Buterin. Programmability of exchanges. And work proof. Public permissions of the crypto kind. Money Illusions Gold is overrated. We are in success mode. Mine to hold. Mine to sell. Mine to hedge. S curves don't lie. All the money in the world. Bonds? Proof of work utilization is near. Money illusions of 192 currencies. A crypto macro-cosmic reality. The allocation evolution. Social Gangster A new mental model. Venezuela and its collapse. Squandered the wealth. Creating a crypto revolt. Cash is the joker, cards are king. Petro is a sham. The legacy of Hugo. Social gangster, enduring eternal pain. Extortion of the miners. Thuggery. This is official. MIT is the epicenter. Watch your wallet, google is involved. Search, it all checks out. Speculation is all it is, for now. Lightening network nodes are the future.