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Distant Socializing
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Michael "Hons" Honsinger
2021 by Michael Honsinger
January 03, 2021
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6 feet or more between us Is what they recommend for us to be safe There is something between us Something more than just the empty space Distant Socializing is annoying me If I could I'd see you If I could I'd see you hold my hand With no masks or gloves we'd hold each other's hands And pull our kiss together Distant Socializing is very irritating It feels like it might be killing me To flatten the curve is what we intended Seems to have worked when will this be ended I want to visit the one I befriended Distant Socializing is slowly killing me Is it still that necessary to still be practising? Our paths crossed in Cyberspace Normally we'd have met Face to face by now I feel that I know you Feel I've known you all of my lives Distant Socializing is slowly killing me Slowly killing me If I could I'd touch you Wrap my arms aroung you For a month or two Distant Socializing is better than nothing I would have to admit Hope you'll have me over When this is finally over Then we can talk over a coffee or two I'll invite you over So we can roll in clover And watch the clouds pass over the things we will do A very strong feeling tells me I can make you happy Maybe even happier than you've ever been I want to make you happy I want to make you happier... happier than you have ever been.