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Old Skool
For the old heads.
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Old School
Previous peak charts position #9
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Layne Boman, Temper Music
Ratchet Radio Productions 2020
December 17, 2020
1 version uploaded:
MP3 7.6 MB  •  320 kbps bitrate  •  3:19 minutes
Call me nessy cause im coming wit da quickness I bust around im coming down wit da sickness Had a record deal in my hand im da illest Grip the mic in both hands for them to understand I look like an asian cause im chiqued liked japan Cookie cutter perfect im da gingerbread man Not the muffin man i be mushin up this bread homie Screw you to the world and those who claimed they know me They dont know me. They aint my homie They can all blow me, lightsabin like im ben kenobi I changed sides like skywalker, smoked on the fat og now i think im skywalkimg Tabernacle booty bustin on the down low I slapped her pussy wit my dick she a hound yo Im never ever gonna change me ways even tho single I used to have a sexy women i would suck on like a pringle HOOK Oh no. The slime kid is back. Straight ducking dodging haters straight from the krissak Now what these tatted rappers gonna do when lil krazy come with real rap. Boom bap taking old heads back Back ouuh Back real smooth Watch how i grove im da fox jumpin over you You the lazy dog sleepin on ground The jump the fox had did not even make a sound Just some change a young boy an a liquor store I rememeber walking to the dealers house can we get some more sitting on my mommas couch high as floating cloud i wanted to scream and shout to get demons out now You see i dont believe i love but i truly believe in hate Weddings these days they just seem truly to be an escape Theres a fine cut line between the borders between love and hate Theres a really good freakin reason that i steady wake and bake
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