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Hip-Hop Artist finding a soundtrack to the journey of the process, PRODUCED BY FRETTZ
Peak #200
Peak in subgenre #5
December 17, 2020
MP3 2.6 MB, 128 kbps, 2:48
Story behind the song
INSPIRED BY working side gigs and drinking at night. verse was a story of tryna sell cds and getting a 5 on it to pay for the bus back home.
Night terrors im thinking i was gone Last night i went drinking with the homies Thats right ask where i got these songs Paranoia dancing on my dome (DREAM$) I know im right but i rather be wrong Im staying high but im not talking stoned Most of yall a Glass house still throwing stones When you Get cracked now thats where you lost your tone Dance along a motherfuken timefly (oh grown) Selfdoubtbullshit all on my mind Staring at the screen look at my life Only I knew a dream could Materialize I tried love yall but there aint no love yall I fall like a curtain call That shit didnt even hurt at all You didnt even work at all To Them you aint even worth a doll (Barbie) A dollar i spent at the mall From a CD i sold in the park I need to smoke weed need no spark fly I be dealing with nothing but art I do not have nothing but heart flies I stay smoking weed after dark night I see the bullshit lie like a dart eye While im Taking a dab she be flipping the carts Invest in a stock or some some socks strike while the iron is hot Drop I always be smoking the pot Rolling the trees and we running the stops Social media got us gunning for cops And like you got my people these bars stay on lock I thinking of a million but dont say alot I aim for a trillion so i spray the block With all of this rhythm until i do rot And i be a zombie if they put me in a box CHorus Eye of the horus stay focused And the chorus for the hopeless Search that ashtray for a roach While Im sleeping with the roaches Dont give a fuck if you be grossing Under the table We be grossing Going Nasty with the knowledge And i barely went college Smoking bammer in my solace Wondering where my soul is West is where is my coast is Stress is how i wrote this My heart aint fresh its frozen I see you like 10 rows in I see you like them roses My head stay calm like my afro zen
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