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About Your Ways
Electric Blues Rock with Organ and Lead guitar
Blues - Blues Rock
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Lyrics by Jeffrey A. Kratzman, Music by Jeffrey A
Lyrics by Jeffrey A. Kratzman, Music by Jeffrey A
December 10, 2020
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Story behind the song
Electric Blues-Rock Song in collaboration with Dave and special guest on B3 - Mike Caral
Maybe someday Ill be able to show you Just how much you mean to me If I ever say That I dont love you Its just a lie and youve hurt me If I only had the right words That I hold in my heart I would write a poem about your ways Things I used to do Waiting for someone Turns out that someone looks like you I guess were all waiting For a chance to live For someone to accept the love we give Break I used to dread Fridays I couldnt stand that mirror Looking at my hollow empty life Nothing to look forward too Just another drunken fool Smoking in line for his turn
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