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I Don't Need (Prod. NK Music)
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Old School
Previous peak charts position #12
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
December 03, 2020
1 version uploaded:
MP3 8.2 MB  •  320 kbps bitrate  •  3:34 minutes
back from da krissak wit da old skool used to carry a water bottle full of vodka around school whos the kid they used to talk about around school kunckleheads underage in da bar shooting pool came to bend rules steady schoolin these foolez i played your whole album i aint never hearda u i got a couple singles and a couple albums too smooth with the groove pushing u maliciois she delious body visious slowly viscous little shawty wanna cook her like a biscuit mmm they never seen a real native up close before i know she wants some more she can taste tho u can even bring ur boyfriend if ur into those like to see her move sexy takin off her clothes dont have to say a freakin word lil krazy readi knows we be going freakin steady oh straight to the bed we goes VERSE 2 Stay in school you dont want to play the fool think u cool a loser since birth steady breakin all the rulez i never gave a thought to my climbing youtube views cause you have to put the work in your time will come too yeah i remembwr sittin in the basemwnt of my moms house, after age 18ten i was still sleeping on my moms couch i thought i was the best ever with the best cheddar always clever hit the lever now im coming back metta just to show my old homies i never quit the game i just got better now im coming back redda than ever show my old girls i never quit the fame i just met others now they gonnna but me close to the native legends like have u ever heard that story about indian heath ledger i rap better while my fans relapse in the van listening to stan eating frank n beans out a old tin can