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Call Upon His Name - duet for soprano & tenor voic
a nice Sunday morning duet for your church services
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Classical - Contemporary
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Joseph Virgilio
2015 Joseph Virgilio dba Mr Joe's Music Company A
November 24, 2020
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Story behind the song
written for two very good friends who are deeply involved in their respective houses of worship's music ministries
Call Upon His Name Joseph Virgilio 2015 Mr Joe's Music Company When it seems you bear heavy burdens And your heart is dark with despair Turn away from worry and embrace the light and Call upon the wonderful name of the Lord When you feel that life holds no meaning Lost amongst the waste in a bleak world There's a light that shines forth Brighter than any star if you Call upon the merciful name of the Lord; blessed Lord There is peace when you turn to the Lord Peace and love in abundance Just ask the Lord, He will see to your needs For He loves you Emptiness and fear lie deep within When the cloud of sin weighs upon you There's a silver lining behind the darkest cloud when you Call upon the name of the Lord