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Bullfrog Blues
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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D. Bromberg/B. Terwilliger
November 13, 2020
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Did you ever wake up With Bullfrogs on your mind? Hey, did ya ever wake up Bullfrogs on your clean mind? That's a sure sign, good people, you got You got Bullfrogs on your mind I wanna tell ya it's hard It's hard when the woman that you're in love with Loves your best friend But I wanna tell ya it's harder still When she moves in with the dude But it's extra special hard When you and him are roommates I mean to say that when you look over the pillow to where your sweet darlin' used to lay And still does Well, there's only one thing for ya to do You head down to your local pawn shop With those stilettos, stolen Martin guitars, compressors, and hair dryers And you speak to the man behind the knife counter You say "Mister Pawn Broker What do those three balls mean on your wall? What do those three balls mean on your wall?" And he says "That means it's two to one, buddy You'll never get your shit back outta here at all!" You say "Mister Pawn Broker Hey won't you sell me a .38? Aw please! Just one little ol' .38 Yes, I used to take a .44 But lately I've been losin' weight!" So, you buy yourself a little pearl handled revolver and a double-breasted pin-striped suit so that you're "dressed to kill" so to speak And you head back over to your best friend's house You get a little high-chair/stool sort of thing And you peek up over the transom into your best friend's room And in that room you see: A 100% Mohair carpet A lizard skin BarcaLounger with Magic Fingers A Garrard turntable with a Pickering Cartridge, Bogen amplifier, Jensen speakers, Revox tape recorder and a Stromberg/Carlson AM/FM tuner A copy of the Whole Earth Catalog Siddhartha by Herman Hesse The Trilogy of the Rings All four volumes of The Teachings of Don Juan and a fifth in manuscript The Prophet by Khalil Gibran - autographed! Some Spiderman and Fantastic Four comic books featuring Dr. Doom Some Zap! comic books with the pages stuck together A five year leather bound collection of Playboy Magazine featuring the entire Playboy Philosophy by Hugh M. Hefner Schmuck. Some extra-wide cigarette papers featuring the visage of a former Vice President of the United States Some very suspicious looking baggies And a great big, Olympic sized, thermally heated el mondo grosso waterbed With satin sheets, pink pillowcases, and A fur bedspread And on that bed, gaspin' and groanin', twistin' and turnin', humpin' and pumpin', shoutin' and moanin' You see your baby and your best friend And good people, I wish to tell ya It's hard! No, no, no, I mean it's hard, baby It's hard because you always thought your best friend was kind of a square But you see him in there doin' things that'd make Dr. Kinsley wanna cross his legs So you get down off of that stool Make a few quick notes Stick diagrams depicting motion And you knock at the door Of course, you don't get no answer, so you knock again Still no answer, so you knock again No answer, so you charge at that door with all your might and main just at the moment that your roommate, dressed in a green and yellow polka-dotted Canon towel opens up the door And you go flyin' across that 100% Mohair rug ** NOT ENOUGH SPACE FOR FULL LYRICAL CONTENT **