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Stop the Train!
I found a pretty "jazzy" chord and started to play it in a pretty hevy metal manner. The chord progression sounded a bit flamenco and the whole thing is a hybrid of many genres, I suppose. That's me, in a nutshell!
Metal - Power Metal
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Holger Luth
Holger Luth
October 25, 2020
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Story behind the song
I found this strange chord, a sort of Emaj9, played as 2nd fret on the low E-string, 2nd fret on the A-string, 1st fret on the D-string and the G, B and high E-string are loose. I found a chopping rhythm, that sounded a bit heavy metal to me, so I ended up playing the rhythm guitars on my Baritone guitar, to get that deep, heavy sound. To break it up, I added a "Sweet" bridge, with a more "jazzy" feeling. My son heard it and pointed out, that the chord progression sounded like flamenco to him and I realized, that he was right. I just moved the chord up and down a few steps, still with the G, B and E-string hanging loose. Funny project and I like the way it ended up.
The train races on through the night. Loaded with families and friends. Some of them, keep their ears shut tight. Some have a blindfold over their eyes. But its a fact, that up ahead. Somewhere along the line. The bridge has collapsed. Its disappeared. And we need to stop the train! The train seems to accelerate. Pull the emergency brake! The driver is pushing to get there on time. His paycheck is all he can think about. But.. Many of the passengers, tell you not to worry bout it. They dont believe, that something has gone wrong. The World is in perfect shape, and man was never an ape. If we put on our tinfoil hats, well all be happy and safe! The train has to be stopped. Whether they like it or not. If we dont slow down, disaster will strike. And we will fall, into the void!
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