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All Instruments and Vocals - Glennbo
Rock - Progressive Rock
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October 12, 2020
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Early in the morning Sunlight fills my room Came without warning Now what will we do Living it up in a world of lockdown Gonna do the same thing as yesterday Turn on my TV and what they're saying Don't go anywhere it's not safe Are we ever gonna get to go again to places we once knew Will we be stuck inside forever nothing left to do I got a feeling inside of my head that I don't know where to place Going outside and I look in the sky and there's endless empty space Living it up in the new world Having a ball all the time How many days has it been now So many months that I can't recall Late at night in the evening The world has settled down Got the place to myself alone Coz there's no one else around Will we ever learn to live like people who understand That this is illusion The only cell you're locked into is that one that's inside your head So free yourself