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90 Percent Work (10 Percent Kisses)
A folk rock collaboration with a bit of Earworm tendencies.
Rock - Folk Rock
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Words (c) 2016 Music (c) 2019 Jeffrey A. Kratzman
Words (c) 2016 Music (c) 2019 Jeffrey A. Kratzman
October 02, 2020
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Story behind the song
What can I say, I misplaced the lyrics for a while. Sometimes we forget that it takes work to make love and life work. Despite how easy it is when you start out, it takes commitment and perseverance to keep it going. Each love ends in disappointment and failure until you find the one that doesn't.
1. At the outset we were living in the moment Trying to get what we thought we deserved We breathed in hope and breathed out dreams Love never ends like it seams Love is - 90% Work and 10% kisses And a long slow line of near misses 2. Brilliant light, shining like a star You were something to behold and more so to be held Everything about you whistled Look at me Even to the blind you had that sheen 3. Your love heartbreak was my patient zero Surprised to find my feet swept out beneath me Wondering how I could ever go forward Wondering what was left to count upon 4. Whenever love came within striking distance It was more a slap - than a tickle A pleasant giggle than a sustained scream More of nightmare than a day dream
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