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VECT - Arguing With Morality (Ft. Deadly Encryptio
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT/Deadly Encryption
VECT 2011
September 24, 2020
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[VECT] Most of us have the constructs embedded in our minds to know that suicide is the wrong way out & completely selfish, but some of us have fought pain for as long as we could & like all things...you get to the point where you just don't fucking care anymore. Deadly Encryption, S.I.D.R.O.E aka VECTeezy motherfucker, bring it! (Chorus) [VECT] No more struggles with temptation full of cravings of my annihilation I suppose you think I'm crazy cuz I have no fear I'm done telling my story that falls on deaf ears [VECT] What's gonna stop me from ending you when I wanna end myself too bitch? only thing I ever had in my corner to the end is all this fucking musick I'm done waiting on the ride to suicide I've already died inside countless times all this life gives is self destruction on my brain it won't stay away & it knows I'm not afraid got a 38 piece aimed to my forehead taking turns at a table with a couple of my friends pull the hammer back hear a click then a clack somewhere in my mind I hear my daughter say "Daddy stop that!" days pass by like a cold wind with fatal self inflicted incisions & my visions it's funny how you'll give a shit when it's all done when you ignored all my letters & you didn't give a fuck [Deadly Encryption] Another day I wake up family in church Girlfriend left me so now my heart is hurt Shit is what I get for all of my hard work Might as well say "Fuck it!" & be 1 with the earth I got some dark secrets you that never even cared I can be on my lowest & you wouldn't be there I know they wont miss me they would just forget it Like another pop single with the radio edit So I write my last song & grab my dad's glock a 45 magnum & make sure that it's cocked before I get the chance on the door there's a knock it's a cop, so now I'm doin months on the lock therapy sessions & the suicide watch I shoulda never answered it & died on the spot now the pain grows to a thing that I fear that when I look in mirror to see the devil is here [Deadly Encryption] Every day's the same, another drug another slut Another cut on my wrist from my only lost love Was a bug to my stomach & a pain to my soul so now I chill in graveyards hoping that I could just go back to the past to the day we 1st met So I could cut you from the neck & watch as you bled to death So that way when the cops came I'm going for life & last words she heard were "Will you be my wife?" [VECT] I'm a zombie with a strong evolving mind state I'm done tryna fight what has proved to be my fate fuck tomorrow & fuck yesterday look in my empty eyes death is now a game my cause of death cannot be undone I wanna die in the darkness & no longer feel the sun I don't wanna be in the same world with my enemies I am my own god & I choose to set myself free