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VECT - Offensive (Prod. Killa-Ko)
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT 2009
September 24, 2020
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Story behind the song
Not for the weak! Get out of here if I/we are too much for you.
02. Offensive Do you find me offensive? Then find the door your weak ass entered, & get the fuck out!!! (Chorus) Offended you, if that's what I have done walk out, you don't have to listen don't wanna hear your bitchin' Offended you, don't care if it hurts at all I'm true to heart true to be, so hate or believe Do I bother how you feel? Do you know that I am real? You can't change me only hate me & break me still I discuss what I believe, I discuss what I agree my respect & luv goes out to you if you listen to me you can wave them picket signs, & protest the wicked rhymes but keep in mind: that the wicked shit will never die! it's about how you perceive, it's up to you if you believe don't like how I tell it? Then get lost & fuckin' leave I'm here to make it hurt, I'm here to make you run to church I'm here to repulse those who belong in the dirt Offensive, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF IT IS! (Chorus) Offensive, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF IT IS! Music for disturbed & demonic, props to everyone who bought it oops forgot my anti-psychotic, wickedness you cannot dodge it this is not for all to hear, consists of darkness, realness, fear outcasted, outlandish, uncensored so lend me your ears subjects & expressions gothic, heavy, different, catastrophic shaking & shocking all over, verbal weapons so caustic it can't be stopped or abolished, too strong to be demolished if you don't know already, "horrorcore" is what we call it underground is home & where we roam, if you're scared then run home we feast upon the weaklings until there's nothing but bones!