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Rock - Goth Rock
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September 14, 2020
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MRS CHRISTMAS Too young to give up and just die Too old to give it one more try Feels like I'll be going away Today I felt I was so high Tonight I feel I'm gonna die No one ever hears what I say Beautiful is love, you told me I've been lookin' 'round Nothing to be found No one here that seems to know me Watch me cry Till I die Sing me a Lullaby Show your face 'cause I'm in love with you And I need you so Mrs Christmas There's only one thing I've been waiting for That's to love you like nobody's business Mrs Christmas Long time ago I knew I Would need to find my other side Till I did, There's nothing to say Been 'round a million years or more Still I I don't know what I'm here for No one has just three words to say Where's that magic Disney showed me? I'm truer than blue Where the fuck are you? Is there even one can hold me? Then that night You stood by Was I you Were you I Take my hand if you've been searching too 'Cause I need my sweet Mrs Christmas There's no one that you're Ever gonna find That can understand what you've witnessed Mrs Christmas Feels like I've got only Just one last stitch of time Try on this glass slipper And tell me if you're mine They always told me There's a lot that you can do If you are one That is made up of two To be or not to be That's my question How long must I cry? Is there anyone with a brain? And a real live heart at the same time? Who can love me for real Instead of just rhyme Spare me all these games people play Is it you that I'm beholding Baby if it's you, now would kind of do 'Cause my hopes and dreams are folding I'm about out of time Kiss my face, say goodbye Take my hand if you could love me too And I'll make you my Mrs Christmas There's only one you're ever gonna find That can love you quite this delicious, this delicious... Mrs Christmas... Mrs Christmas... Copyright 2001 - JESUS OLDMAN & THE APOSTLES