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Usable Nukes
HipHop - Spoken Word
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Tom Neilson
August 11, 2020
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Story behind the song
The US love affair with nuclear weapons and rationale for their use
Trump says he wants to use Low yield warheads with a nuclear fuse. Because why did Obama choose em If we cant use em. You see, back in 2 thousand zero nine, Barack put his name on the line For a trillion dollars, and maybe more, for nukes that we can use for war But these were nukes more practical; Thats why they call em tactical; Hiroshimas of another kind That would give us peace of mind Cause we could use these nukes, you see, To protect us from the enemy. And both sides of the aisle were quick to agree They went to work on an arsenal Of fleets of nuclear-capable Submarines and bomber planes And missile systems with Indian names It was in the name of modernization, This nuclear proliferation To facilitate annihilation And forget about contamination Only an imbecile Would think these nukes knew just whom to kill How you gonna get that oil When youve radiated the cities and soil & the people, well, there were too many of em. Thats why Hitler put em in the oven And he did it without the radiation, Just a different configuration Hillary said shed obliterate Iran and any other state And 65 million shrugged OK And voted for her anyway Yes, the people of the USA Think these nukes are A-OK Only 1 or 2% abhor em; The rest keep voting and paying for