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VECT - Your War (Prod. Anno Domini)
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT 2009
August 07, 2020
MP3 13.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
4:20 minutes
04. Your War It's 1 to fight a war for something you all believe in. But when it's a personal thing, fight it your-fucking-self! (Chorus) This is your war, now fight it! I will fight mine, ignite it see where it explodes & see where it goes I don't serve or bow down to anyone you better know! Like I'm gonna take a bullet for some fuck I don't even know I fight for myself I fight for what's right I'm not gettin' involved in your goddamn fight you can try as you may, you can try all you like keep my name out your mouth & outta your head I got a gun for MY enemies alone, understand? I don't give a damn about your admiration for me you have no eloquence of any kind to alter my mind I fight my own battles, I stand strong by myself without anyone's help your words I just repel all your power is a shadow so fight your own battle I don't care who you are, I'm not your damn cattle I will take no part in your treachery while the uninvolved shed their blood for your tendencies I'm gonna die for what's right until it's the end of me fuck fighting for your side I don't defend enemies (Chorus) You can't buy my respect or my honor I don't care who you are, I am not on your leash you're a dicator who makes threats with no respect & expects us to lay down for you if you fought with the rest I'd have more respect but you neglect & won't stick out your neck, you're so afraid of death but you'll get everyone else killed but I'm not a drone or a slave & I'll piss in your face hide under your bed assemble all your protection you'll put us in jail if we have any objection you'll rob our credibility if we are the victors sacrifice our lives but you won't gain a blister you won't dare to stand you'll just make demands you ain't a leader, you're a dictating fag you're such a cowardly bitch, I know your kind well you've living in a shell but I'll burn it like hell 1,2,3,4, WE DON'T WANT YOUR GODDAMN WAR!!! (Chorus)