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VECT - Blame Us (Prod. Kritikal)
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT 2009
August 07, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
4:20 minutes
16. Blame Us You wanna blame music? Try blaming yourself for a fuckin' change! I'm not a Hitler of my themes I'm only living my dream I never told you to do it, I just wanted to think I discuss how I feel for those who might relate you can't blame me for rape or hate or life ya take I talk about the world we're in cuz that's me you mix up my words & then you see bad things cuz people are messed up with or without me but I got a lot to say & I'll speak it loudly I don't preach or push, I'm not a god or a priest I been through hell so many times & I'm letting you see ever ear I enter, I hope to try & reach if you idiots were smarter it wouldn't be hard to see it's a fact music with strength is for no weak mind only you have the power to fuck up your own life my outlook can be sinister on some things sometimes we're controversial so you accuse us like a crime everything is not for everyone, when will ya learn that? don't try & point your fingers at us like we deserve that if you're not capable for deciding for yourself push "stop" right now & go get some fuckin' help (Chorus) So you can blame us, blame us for anything ya want & whatever So you can hate us, put it all on us cuz you can't hold yourself together You can blame us, blame the fuckin' world if you want this is music you stupid ass, in case you forgot the world is hell & there's more than me evil won't die it's everywhere that ya see I don't speak kind, I bring it rough & true hate me for being real I guess, & fuck you I give my warnings out do ya listen? You know my name it's appreciated but your choice to feel my pain when ya make sense in music & stand out you're a scapegoat if entertainment controls your actions that is sad yo if everyone was given the freedom or speech you wouldn't try to vindicate & point your fingers at me people will agree, people will deceive, people will believe & people will blame me, yeah people will agree, people will deceive, people will believe & people will blame me! (Chorus)